Yoga For Mothers

A beautiful nurturing session created just for Mothers. 

In this special two hour session we'll move through a yoga practice built around the needs of a mamas body. Creating space and movement in the upper body and releasing tension in the back and neck.
We will include practices for pelvic floor and pelvis health, and find calmness in some lovely restorative poses (that you can remember and repeat at home).

The session will end with a long deep rest, using active relaxation techniques that allow you to experience a state of conscious sleep.  You will leave feeling restored, renewed and energised. 

This beautiful session is suitable for mothers at all stages of life. Whether you have a newborn and are still experiencing sleepless nights or you have a toddler that is keeping you on your toes. The session will help you relax, restore and connect to your own beautiful body.


The session is €30 


To book sessions please see specific locations below.

Sunday 31st January 2021 - 14.00 - 16.00 at De Boezemvriend, Amsterdam