Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for both experienced yogis and students who are just starting out on their yoga journey, no previous yoga experience is necessary.

The 4 week pregnancy yoga course will help you prepare your mind and body for a loving and positive birth. 

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About the course
The 4 week pregnancy yoga course will help you to adapt to the changes in your body in a positive way, through safe and effective yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation.
It allows you, time and space to relax and connect with your unborn baby.
Yoga and mindfullness  will help you to enjoy all stages of your pregnancy with as little discomfort as possible, it creates breath awareness and helps to strengthen your body in preparation for labour.
A few things that you will learn over the 4 weeks:
  • How to use your breath to help throughout pregnancy and during labour.
  • Gain a better understanding of how your body is perfectly designed to deliver your baby.
  • How to prepare both your body and mind for labour.
  • Meet a community of other mamas to be.
  • Time to connect with your unborn baby.
  • Feel empowered about your pregnancy and your birthing body.
  • And finally, you’ll have dedicated time to completely relax.

Price for 4 week course is €70,
Due to the 1,5meter rule, a maximum of 6 mama's can join the course. So book your spot as soon as possible. 

If you would like more information about private pregnancy yoga classes you can email me on

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