About Wild Mother


I'm Lauranza. I live in Badhoevedorp which is just on the boarder of Amsterdam with my partner Ed and our two little ones, Eve and Fin.

I am a Doula and a yoga teacher with a passion for helping you to achieve 'Your birth, your way'.

After the birth of my daughter Eve, i had a feeling deep inside that the birth would have been different if i had a Doula present. Someone that could have help us speak up for ourselves, someone that could have informed us of our choices, someone that could have reminded us to take a step back, a moment to pause and look at the situation we were in and what our choices were for moving forward. Like many first time parents, we didn't have anyone to do that and i now realise how important this role is. 

I've been teaching yoga since 2012 and since 2017 have focused solely on teaching yoga to women - Pregnancy, postpartum, mama and baby and a special 2 hour workshop called yoga for Motherhood which focuses on the needs of a mamas body. 

I'm confident that my yoga experience and my passion for being a Doula, compliment each other, allowing me to give you the guidance and support that you will need through your pregnancy and birth. 

I'm here to support you with the knowledge that your birth can be beautiful and empowering, and to let you know that you can achieve the birth that you want. 

During pregnancy, everyone we meet has a story to tell us about their birth and it can become very overwhelming. These stories distract us from listening to our bodies, they come into our mind and they stick. I would love to help you remove these images from your mind and help you to write your own beautiful birth story.

The best advice i can give to anyone in labour is to stay in your body. Let your body do what it knows how to do and dont let your mind take over. 

Birth can be messy, it can be exhausting and it will take you to limits that you didn’t even know you could go to. It will be raw and instinctual and you will need to draw upon an inner power that you might not have known you had. But it is beautifully life changing and something that we should never ever have to enter in fear. 

As a Doula my role will be to support you in finding your power, through emotional support for both you and your partner / family and through making sure you are fully informed in what your choices are. I am there to make sure you are comfortable, both physically and emotionally. 


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Yoga or Doula support. I'm happy to chat to you face to face over Zoom and answer any questions that you might have.


Much Love

Lauranza x

Lauranza Harvey, Creator at The Wilderness Club