Dry brushing - The best secret to beautiful summer skin?

Hello sunshine! I’ve been waiting for this weekend for a long time, the first weekend where i can go outside without a coat, eat al fresco and basque in the glorious spring sunshine. Its been a long time coming and I’m definitely ready for more vitamin D in my life.
However for me and I’m sure many others, with sunshine and warmth comes that dreaded, daunting feeling of knowing that you’ll soon be putting more skin on show. When we’ve been used to being wrapped up in polo neck jumpers with only our faces and hands visible to the outside world for the last six months, showing a bit of arm or leg can be a little scary.
But, fear not my pretties, i have found the most simplest of answers and it comes in the shape of a dry brush! 
Dry brushing is a cheap and easy way to detoxify your body both inside and out, anyone can do it and i promise that if you try it for 5 minutes a day for the next month, your skin will be summer ready by the time you slip into your maxi dress.
I first discovered dry brushing when i did a juice cleanse a few years ago. Whilst detoxing, its a great way to eliminate toxins from your skin, i loved the effects it had on my skin so much that I continued with it and its now built into my daily routine.
How to dry brush:
1) Make sure you buy a natural brush. You don’t have to pay the earth, the one i have at the moment is from TK Maxx and only cost me about £6. I find ones with a handle are easier to use.
2) Brush for about 5 minutes every day just before you have your morning shower. You can brush for longer if you like, but i find 5 minutes is just right for me.
3) Brush in long sweeping movements towards your heart as this helps circulation. Start with your feet and toes and continue to brush your whole body. Don’t brush your face with your body brush as this will be too harsh for the skin on your face. You can buy a special face brush if you’d like to do your face too.
4) Don’t brush too hard. My skin is usually a bit pink afterwards, but it shouldn’t be sore. 
5) Once you’ve brushed all over, jump in the shower, rinse your whole body and then moisturise with your favorite natural products. Coconut oil is a favorite of mine (i use it on my skin, hair and in my food). Be careful if your going into the sun though as you don’t want to burn.
Benefits of dry brushing. 
1) Dry brushing will boost your lymphatic system, which helps you remove toxins from the body. Apparently 80 percent of women have sluggish lymphatic systems and getting them flowing smoothly is the key to easier weight loss and improved feelings of well-being.
2) Dry brushing Is a natural exfoliator. you’ll notice your skin is much softer and smoother after just a few days of brushing.
3) Dry brushing helps Increase circulation, which encourages the elimination of metabolic waste.
4) Dry brushing unclogs pours. Our skin is our biggest organ and it releases toxins like all other organs. When the toxins are released they can become trapped on the skin and our pores become blocked. Dry brushing helps to unclog the pores and removes the toxins.
So give it a go, and get your skin ready for summer. I’ve seen great results from this simple little addition to my morning routine so i hope you do too.
Lauranza x

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