Red Raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy


No brainer to help with labour or total old wives tale? 

At 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I'm giving it a go! Apparently studies have shown that drinking this tea can help make labour faster and reduce complications. It also has loads of other benefits so it can't be a bad thing right? Starting with 1 cup a day and will up to two next week, then three then four. The science behind it is that the tea strengthens your uterus, therefore making contractions come faster and more powerful.

I've read loads about it with lots of positive stories. Have you used it yourself? Let me know if you think it worked. And if you're thinking of joining me on the band wagon, I've read that you need to get the pure Raspberry leaf tea leaves as the packet bags from holland and Barrett etc don't actually have any of the actual good stuff in them. I got mine from Amazon, I use a heaped teaspoons worth in a tea strainer and leave to brew for 10 mins before I drink. Here's hoping it helps with a nice smooth Labour hahah.

Have you used Raspberry leaf tea? did it work for you? Let me know your thoughts, experiences in the comments below

Much Love
Lauranza x 


PS if you wnat to read more from a reliable source, i've been getting most of my info from Mama Natural

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