Mama, stretch your toes for full body wellness

In Chinese medicine, the condition of the feet is crucial to overall health and the feet are considered a separate body related to all body parts and organs.

Maybe we forget about the feet as they’re so far away from our head!! During pregnancy, our feet take a lot of extra weight so its important to look after them and give them a bit of extra love. 

1/4 of our bones in our whole body are in our feet, yet we tend to focus less on them than other parts. This simple pose (in the pic) helps build flexibility and strength, especially in the toes and the soles of the feet. I like to hold for a minute then roll over onto the tops of the feet and sit down as firmly as I can. It’s like an hallelujah moment of release.

Spend some time to give your feet some love this week. Rub them, massage them, spread your toes and be grateful for those 26 bones, 36 joints and more than 100 muscles and ligaments.

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