Stevie & Rogan Jayce - Birth Story

"Women should help each other out with good and positive vibes"

My name is Stevie and this is my story. 

My First son Rogan Jayce was born on 31st December 2015.

He was born in a pool in my living room with my Mom and Midwife present. 

At 3 O Clock in the afternoon my waters broke and at 9 O Clock in the evening he was born.

I pushed for thirty minutes in the water, i was in a trance, it was almost as if i didn't feel any pain because of the feeling of the warm water. 


A beautiful healthy baby boy arrived and i had no complications after birth.

We are all made to do this. You got this Mama, believe in yourself. 


Inspired by Stevie's raw and honest birth story and want to share your own? We would love to hear it!

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  • This is so beautiful and empowering ❤️

    Anne B

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